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About Us

Abidbazmi.com is a life changing thoughts provider platform about Human Affairs founded by Abid Bazmi which gives solution to the problems in education, health and personality development. It provides counselling in the areas of leadership, success and fitness using scientific, philosophical, psychological and spiritual tools as per situation. It provides tips and tricks to improve brain mind power. Its purpose is to uplift the humanity as a whole beyond the borders of religion, cultures and politics.
Our Vision

Our vision is to uplift the humanity as a whole beyond the borders of religions, cultures, ethnicities and historical backgrounds.
Our Mission

We analyze all aspects of human beings to understand, why we human beings think differently so that differences may be minimized as we believe in shared-ideas.
About Abid Bazmi

ABID BAZMI is a Scholar, Educationist, Trainer, motivational Speaker and globally known Human affairs analyst. His telescopic analysis of Human affairs is to guide and counsel the fellow beings on non-controversial lines, stepping forward the idea of overall improvement across the globe. Currently he is working on a self-created theory coined as “Triangular Theory of Human affairs”. This website and all his written pieces are the reflection of this theory.

Personal Profile

Full Name: Abid Bazmi

Date of birth: 10-06-1986

Nationality: Pakistan

Home Town: Bahawalpur

Qualification: BSc Chemical Engineering

Alma mater: The University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Interested in: Philosophy, psychology, cosmology, face reading, debating, leadership development, mind development, human history, genesis of human race and travelling.

Physical activities: Swimming, badminton, jogging and hiking.

Biggest break through: Triangular Theory of Human Affairs

Triangular Theory of Human Affairs

Triangular Theory of Human Affairs is a paradigm shift in understanding and explaining all human affairs ranging from politics to philosophy of life. According to this theory all the human affairs related to either an individual or humanity as a whole can best be described by understanding 3-basic components of human being. Read more...

He believes in: 
• A lot of potential we human beings have is going untapped. Modern man needs soul searching and self-improvement to understand the true meaning of life. 
• While moving on timeline, uncertainty is increasing in our lives. We need rethinking how to rediscover ourselves.
• World is moving towards clash of minds and clash of civilization. Global thinkers should promote peaceful coexistence.