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Friday, 13 July 2018

Science vs Religion

Science without religion promotes materialism and religion without science pushes us towards spiritualism as the only option to understand this world.
Science vs religion is the centuries old debate and is still a hot topic for discussion in the intelligentsia of the modern societies. Both are fundamental sources of knowledge but both go hand in hand in some areas and differ in other areas. But this difference does not necessarily mean that they are incompatible in nature and there is a clash of ideas.

Actually both are two different ways of knowing. Hence findings of science and religion are somewhat different in some cases but mostly both enjoy a good relation between them and move parallel. Science drives knowledge through senses which is measureable and computable however its range is limited as it is silent beyond the physical world.

Religion is based on revelation. Its scope is vast as it covers physical as well as meta-physical world. However its findings are immeasurable and open ended.

 An other aspect of science vs religion debate is religion talks of the ends but remains silent about the methodology to reach that ends whereas science explains the methodology to reach its ends and findings.
In this way religion focuses on destination and science focuses on ways to that destination.
 An other aspect of science vs religion debate is science and religion move parallel but are different in scope and nature. The strongest evidence to prove this stance is most of the scientists were famous religious leaders and most of the religious leaders were good scientists. Hence it is possible to walk on the both roads at a time.

 An other aspect of this debate is religion is as old as human beings are whereas roots of science emerged in the Greek period. So knowledge had been flowing in the same river from Adam to Greek era and streams of scientific knowledge started flowing in a separate channel from the Greek period onward. Now there is a deep abyss between the both. In this way we can easily say that religion is science plus something whereas science is religion minus something. So there is indeed a strong bond between the both branches of knowledge.


Both science and religion are fundamental sources of knowledge. Science better deals in physical world whereas religion is the champion of the spiritual world. Human beings are both physical and spiritual entities. So our problems are physical as well as spiritual in nature. Science best tackles physical problems and religion gives best solution of spiritual problem. In this way balanced approach is to walk somewhere between science and religion. So punch line is, science and religion, though somewhat different in approach, are convergent rather than divergent in scope and nature.
Science vs Religion Reviewed by Abid Bazmi on Friday, July 13, 2018 Rating: 5 Science without religion promotes materialism and religion without science pushes us towards spiritualism as the only option to understan...

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