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Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to become a Genius

A simple way to become a genius is to improve the working capacity of faculties of sensation, reasoning and intuition. 

how to make mind powerful
Every one of us is born with different genetic makeup and has to face a different set of socio-economic situations. For some, these situations are opportunities and for some others prove to be limitations. Genius are those who convert their limitations into opportunities. But “How to become a genius?” is a billion Dollar question. Man has always been working on this question. Finding its answer is as difficult as conversion of iron into gold.
But here is a simple strategy to become a genius one. You just need perseverance and will-power to climb this mountain. Human mind is the most delicate and complex machinery of this universe. So getting mastery over our mind is the foremost thing we should do. It will help us to shift our current reality from point A to B, B to C and so on.
Suppose point G (G for genius) is your final destination you are dreaming of. Simply calculate the distance between point A (your current position) and point G (G for genius viz-a-viz the point you wanna reach). Shrinking the space between point A and point G is the fundamental principle of our strategy to become a genius. 

But how this space can be shrunk to translate our dream into reality, to make impossible, a possible one and above all to convert our limitations into opportunities……. That is the definition of supper genius. Forget your genetic makeup. You can become a genius by sharpening your sensation, enhancing your reasoning and igniting your intuition. 

Once you work in these three areas you will gradually feel yourselves uplifted from point A to B, B to C and so on. After a lot of work in these areas you will reach point G…… your final destination.

Tips to sharpen your Sensation

• Stand as close to nature as possible.
• As your senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch) work in materialistic world so apply scientific approach to sharpen your senses.
• Apply Darwinian approach “the more you use a sense, the stronger it is”.
• Focus on rising sun for five minutes on daily basis to get your pineal gland activated.
• Before going to sleep, lying on the bed get your outer senses discarded from the outer world for a minute. Do this on daily basis. It will make your senses afresh and stronger.
• Apply imagination to get best results.

Tips to enhance Reasoning

• Stand as close to nature as possible.
• Activate left-Hemisphere of your brain.
• Deal with tough mathematical problems and analytical questions.
• Feed your mind with brain teasers and tongue twisting content to accelerate your cognition.
• Do catharsis on daily basis.
• Live like a fool, act like a wise….. I mean adopt a free tension life style but be sincere with your goal.
• Start every task keeping the end in mind. It will make you proactive thinker.
• Read philosophical content to feed your mind better.
• Use imagination for best results.

Tips to ignite your Intuition

• Stand as close to nature as possible.
• Deal with psychological content and apply this while interacting with your surrounding environment.
• Read your feelings and compare it to other people’s feelings.
• Apply meta-cognition technique to get your body and mind relaxed.
• Deal with the content based on projection lines.
• Apply guided-blood-circulation and guided breathing techniques to optimize your effort.
• Do face reading when you meet a new person.
• Get your inner senses activated to make your 3rd eye and 6th sense reliable.
• Apply imagination to redesign yourself.
How to become a Genius Reviewed by Abid Bazmi on Thursday, March 15, 2018 Rating: 5 A simple way to become a genius is to improve the working capacity of faculties of sensation, reasoning and intuition.  Every o...

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