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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Telescoping the Human Affairs

In the present time, humanity as a whole seems to be marching from right to left and the reach of this extreme left will be the point of destruction.
Creation of mankind was the ultimate purpose of God in order to adorn this universe. He made this universe which is His most beautiful creation. But He put Man (being the most beautiful, proportionate & unique among all His creations) on Trial.

Since then humanity is passing through the ocean of time and space in quest of cynosure of this universe. In this journey, humanity as a whole is suffering all around and its pain is increasing while moving on timeline. A lot of questions need to be answered by the thinkers of this world such as:

What is the origin of the human agony through which mankind is passing and where the solution of human sufferings lies? To answer such questions, we must go deeper within us to “telescope the human affairs” in a broader spectrum.

Every individual is the analogue of this universe; hence understanding a man will assist us to understand the humanity as a whole. Every individual is a mysterious entity having body, mind and soul. These three dimensions make physical, philosophical and psychological plates of a man joining at the point where man is harmonized in a single entity. These three dimensions are very important to explain an individual as well as the humanity as a whole.

This universe is divided into physical and metaphysical worlds. Man stands at the center of these two worlds. His body comes from physical and soul from metaphysical world.
But human mind is the point where these two worlds meet. Thus mind is the combination of physical (Body) and metaphysical (Soul). Peace of mind is the ultimate desire of us all in this world and in the life hereafter. 

In this way, mind is the driver of our-selves. But its function is to move on the central-line, which may be called “the line of refuge”.  Any other line either left or right leads us to a path towards sufferings. Mind is the source of our intentions and our intentions are responsible for our status. So we can say a human being is a self-driven entity.

Our mind makes a blend of choices from physical and metaphysical world. These choices are influenced by our physical and psychological needs and these needs are shaped by the forces working inside and outside of us. When we deviate from the central line we feel pain.
Since our choices have a value in our lives. While moving on the frame of time our mind is being shifted from right to left. So solution lies in our choices and how to make this blend balanced and to maintain a working remedy to our problems.

Parts drag the whole and the whole drives the parts are the fundamental principle to understand the relationship of an individual man to humanity. We as human beings have a collective body, mind and soul. So every individual is affecting this whole gradually and the whole is shaping us all silently.

Our collective mind is the driver of humanity as a whole. But this collective mind gets influences from individuals. When majority of us move from right to left humanity moves on the same line and it changes our collective options and choices.
We need to improve our individual minds which in turn will link to collective mind of humanity.

In conclusion, we can change the path of humanity by changing our mind which is under our intentions. Individuals affect the mankind and mankind influences the individuals.
Let’s pledge that every one of us will realize the need to understand his own self to be able to bear his own responsibilities which in turn would eventually culminate in sharing the collective responsibilities of human societies.
Let’s start this journey from our own self to change the path of humanity. 
Telescoping the Human Affairs Reviewed by Abid Bazmi on Saturday, February 10, 2018 Rating: 5 In the present time, humanity as a whole seems to be marching from right to left and the reach of this extreme left will be the point of d...

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